We specialize in custom designed cakes. Because every one of our cakes is custom designed, pricing is highly varied. The best way to get pricing information on a cake for your next event is to call us and discuss your ideas with one of our designers. Below are a few guidelines that may help answer some of your preliminary questions.

We only use high quality ingredients to ensure that our clients get the moist, delicious cake that they crave. Because all of our cakes are made from scratch and custom designed, there is a $200 minimum on all cake orders.

All of our pricing is based on a formula of slice count and labor time. Labor time is generally the variable that holds more weight in the pricing equation. Many clients ask what they can get for $200, but it really depends on what they are looking for. We can make a small cake with a lot of decorations on it, or a large cake with very simple decorations on it for the same price. Because the decorating time is priced hourly, we will need to discuss a design with you in detail in order to be able to give you a quote on a cake.

As a general rule, 3-D cakes are more expensive due to the amount of time involved in carving, icing, and decorating complex shapes. These cakes often require extra internal support structures that must be built and planned for ahead of time. 2-D cakes also require carving time, but because they lie flat on the cake board, there are generally fewer labor hours involved in their execution.

Tiered cakes start at $5 per slice. Starting from this base price, the final cost of our tiered cake is dependent upon the specific design of the cake. For more elaborate designs, the cost is higher due to the labor time involved. Because of the highly artistic nature of our work and the singularity of each of our cakes, please understand that we cannot give exact quotes for wedding cakes. The cost will depend upon the final design, which is not determined until it is sketched and approved.

Two complimentary sketches are included with your cake design which includes two chances to make revisions after the initial sketch. There will be an additional charge of $25 per additional sketch if the scope of the design changes drastically or if you would like to see more than two options.